Team Nimiq Japan - Project Proposal

Project Name:
Team Nimiq Japan

Project Description :

The goal is to deliver the Nimiq news in the Japanese language especially for those who don’t have English as their best language and eventually translate the website itself.

Project Team

Atsushi - Project Lead
Telegram: atsushi_engineer

Sonmq (telegram: sonmq) - translation
Francis (telegram: francisfr, forums: frvfrvr) - translation

Project Website:

Seed node: wss://

Requested funding

($ for USD)


Project Characteristics

Node Server - backend
Project - non-profit

Detailed Project Plan

  • Deliver the latest news and dissemination of information in Japanese and spread the word about the Nimiq ecosystem in Japan.
  • Improve transaction times with NimiqJP node server/s.
  • Maintain the website as much as possible.
  • Pondering on using Nimiq Web Services to cut costs.

Website preview

Hello everyone.
We will do our best in Japan.
Please support “Team Nimiq Japan”.

Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!


We will take this on our next meeting!
but i know this question will come how is it that server cost is 200 dollar that is really expensive for a server :open_mouth:


Most of that covers the budget for node server. The website of course costed less to maintain.

i understand, i also host a seed, and that server is 10 dollars a month :slight_smile: thats why i ask how is it that seed server is 200 dollars.

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Server maintenance costs tend to be high in Japan.
For example, AWS, m5d.large is 0.113USD/h in the US versus 0.146USD/h in Japan.
With VPS, bandwidth restrictions specific to Japan come with it.
The only way to get rid of these limitations in Japan is to use AWS.

I’ve been using for a while with no problem, they’re one of the cheapest services and accept crypto for payments, here is their web page with the list of prices:

I’m pretty sure the $5 tier can run a full node easily, not sure about Nimiq 2.0 though.


Thank you so much.
We will run a node server on this server.

We only had a choice of sizes starting at $9.99.

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0.113/hr compared to 0.146/hr is nowhere close to 10/month compared to 200/month. Unless AWS servers in Japan are 20x more expensive (so that’d be more than $2 an hour and not 0.146)

Not sure where your $200 a month comes from given the data you’re trying to support that claim with. Hopefully you’ve found cheaper hosting with this VPSServer website being talked about rn.

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Thanks for the advice.
After 20 days of running it in AWS, it looks like the image.
So we will use VPSSERVER.

Hello everyone, new total costs in main post have been updated, managing to save up 71.8% of previous cost.

I think you can save a bit more with merging the ‘node server’ and webserver.
I assume that the ‘node server’ is a Nimiq seed server.

Seed servers don’t use a lot of system resources see below

RDS is pretty expensive, for what do you use RDS it is not needed for a nimiq node :slight_smile:
Same as KMS that is not really needed! its a keymanagement system i don’t know what keys you want to mange by KMS, last a OS you can use for free!
Data transfer in AWS is pretty expensive and would not reccommend using AWS for a seed node seed is really data heavy!

Aldo i am a certified AWS solution architect, i don’t really recommend hiring EC2 instances for this kind of usecase :slight_smile:

To make it even more cost effective, you can run website on same node as the seednode, the website that is proposed should not really be heavy on resources and you can always scale up!

Using SendGrid one can get away without using G Suite. There is a free tier that allows accessing their public API. There are also plugins for WordPress and other CMSs.

With the $5 tier from VPNServer I’ve been able to run a full Nimiq node side-by-side with MongoDB, MySQL and Redis with no problem, I sume the $10 tier will be much better for that. Sadly it seems they don’t have the $5 tier available at the moment, but $10 is still heck of a lot cheaper.

Thanks and pardon for a bit misunderstanding, Atsushi and I talked about it and decided that we will not include a year cost for website server and same for GSuite, instead the node server
and domain cost will remain in community funding.


By the way, I :heart: the initiative.

It seems in some places in Japan there might be a strong presence of the Venezuelan community. For instance the product below is about US$ 14 per unit, and for that kind of money in Venezuela some people could have bought food for a whole week, or even a month.

So, there seems to be use cases for remittances in crypto being sent from Japan to countries where minimum wage is very low, comparatively speaking, like for instance Venezuela.

In case you wanted to know, that product is used in the preparation of arepa, which is a traditional dish in the Venezuelan cuisine, and apparently we can’t live without having our arepas everywhere we go :sweat_smile:

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Due to high import tariffs in Japan, foreign food products are sold at a higher price.
Nevertheless, there are many people who are attracted to foreign food products.
We hope that this momentum will be applied to cryptocurrency as well.

The Japanese mistake cryptocurrency for a scam or a fad.
I think it’s important to work in Japan to correct such mistakes.

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Little bump, I would like to thank the Funding Board for featuring Team Nimiq Japan with @Atsushi

I totally look forward for another year of node runnnig to make transactions in East Asia smoother.

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