Testnet Bitcoin Integration

Nimiq’s Front-End team is excited to announce Bitcoin integration in the Nimiq Wallet, now live in the Testnet!

To test it out, you can get testnet Bitcoin (tBTC) from faucets. Simply search for “Bitcoin testnet faucet” in your favorite search engine.

How To Get It

Bitcoin will be automatically enabled for all newly created accounts and also when you log in with your existing multi-address account (legacy accounts do not support Bitcoin).

If you are already logged in to your account in the Testnet, you will get a popup the first time you open the Wallet and can simply click “Activate Bitcoin” to enable Bitcoin support for your account(s).

About Nimiq’s Bitcoin Integration

No New Account or Recovery Words Required

Nimiq Wallet’s Bitcoin integration uses the same (modern) account you already have (same underlying private key). No need to create a new account and write down new recovery words. Simply enable Bitcoin for your existing account and your Bitcoin balance and transaction history will show up below your current Nimiq addresses. The total balance shown for your account will include your Bitcoin balance, and you can now see the relation between your Nimiq and Bitcoin holdings in a little graph (we call it the “balance distribution graph”) below your total balance.

Single-Use Addresses

In Bitcoin, different from Nimiq, addresses are generally considered to be single-use. This means that your address is not your identity, and you should use a different address for each payment you receive, be it from other people, exchanges, mining pools, etc. This also means that Nimiq Wallet supports only one BTC transaction history per account.

Native SegWit Addresses

Nimiq Wallet exclusively supports Bitcoin’s modern Native SegWit addresses (bc1…), which have the lowest fees and are the most future-proof of the three Bitcoin address types. All relevant services in the Bitcoin ecosystem should support this modern address type.

Bitcoin Network Connection

The Nimiq Wallet uses the open and free-to-use Electrum network to provide a Bitcoin network connection. Electrum servers are provided by various Bitcoin-related businesses and block explorers. In the testnet, the Wallet currently only connects to Blockstream’s testnet Electrum server. Blockstream says they are keeping no logs.

While currently only connecting to a single server, we plan to extend our Bitcoin support with a basic type of consensus between multiple Electrum servers in the future.

We might add an option to connect to custom Electrum servers in the future, based on community feedback.

Current Limitations

Some features are not yet ready, but we plan to release them before Bitcoin support goes to the mainnet:

  • NIM-BTC Atomic Swaps
    Swaps between NIM and BTC are not yet ready, but we are working hard on it to provide the best user experience the crypto-world has seen for real non-custodial cross-chain atomic swaps!
  • Hub Checkout with Bitcoin Accounts
    The Nimiq Checkout allows payments in NIM, BTC, and ETH. As we integrate BTC into the Nimiq Wallet, we want to also allow users to pay with their Wallet Bitcoin accounts in the Checkout.
  • Ledger Hardware Wallet Support
    Adding support for the Ledger Bitcoin app proved to be more time-intensive than we anticipated, so Ledger accounts are not yet supporting Bitcoin in the Nimiq Wallet.


When you have any feedback, be it ideas, suggestions, bugs, unexpected behavior, please post here in this thread, thank you!

Have fun managing your Bitcoin in Nimiq Wallet!


Woot woot! Testing now :star_struck:


Good work! This info has to be updated in the wallet:

Buy and sell with your wallet.

Nimiq OASIS enables decentra­lized buying and selling of crypto directly from your wallet.

Starting with EU bank accounts in Q3 2020.

Congrats to team ! Good work.:heart:

From my oppinion, btc transaction in wallet where has info thats happen TODAY i will be change that, now is written THIS MONTH… ok.
To clear that:
1 . Transaction or others today- TODAY
2. Others transactions in wallet - THIS MONTH

Is Create payment link supposed to be working for BTC?

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BTC addresses seem to be invalid. Trying to send BTC from outside wallets to the NIM BTC wallet says that the address generated is invalid. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

The wallet doesn’t show any messages asking to upgrade to the new version that supports BTC, had to make a hard page reload (by hand) to be able to see the option to activate BTC support.

They are using bitcoin testnet for the Nimiq testnet wallet, so you can only receive and send testnet btc.

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It looks good but I found some issues. All my testing was done on iOS 14.0.1.

what I tested

  • create wallet OK
  • activate bitcoin OK (with some glitches)
  • generate an additional Nimiq address (no clear feedback when password entered is wrong here)
  • receiving bitcoin works
  • receiving nim works (via faucet button)
  • sending Nim works
  • sending bitcoin works

issue 1

Still shows “open in browser” error when trying to open the wallet page in Firefox on ios.

issue 2

when I try to activate bitcoin it seems to get stuck in a loop (latest safari on iOS 14.0.1). What I did;

  1. I created a new software wallet
  2. I get a modal asking me to activate bitcoin
  3. I click activate bitcoin and get a new tab from key guard where I enter my password
  4. I get a new modal that tells me it is syncing with the bitcoin network
  5. After a few seconds I get thrown back to the “activate bitcoin” modal

What I expected to see was the wallet view with my addresses etc

If I press “skip for now” it seems to have successfully activated bitcoin as I can see an address for receiving. So it looks like there’s just some predicate not getting updated so the modal doesn’t get hidden when the activation is complete

issue 3

In the send transaction modal when selecting currency it would be nice if tapping outside the list box would close it (or you can make the list box bigger so it doesn’t look like you can tap outside it)

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I just pushed an update to the Testnet Wallet with the following main fixes:

  • Fix BTC activation modal not closing after activation on mobile (@negativebenefit, @Stefan)
  • Enable handling of BTC payment links (@Miao)
  • Fix autocomplete dropdown for recipient label to only show when input is focussed
  • Fix the balances of addresses with 0 NIM resetting to null when activating BTC

Thank you for your feedback and bug reports, keep it coming! :superhero: :man_superhero: :+1:


Quick question. Can I send my testnet nim to my regular wallet? or vise versa

No these two blockchains are independent from each other. Testnet tokens don’t hold any value and can’t get send to a mainnet wallet or vice versa. The idea of a testnet is to have an environment that is as close as mainnet but for testing purposes without the risk of losing money.


Here are the things I am seeing.

Mobile IOS 13.7

Can’t view text when selecting language.

Can’t view full text when adding label unless phone is in landscape position.

Unable to logout, I get stuck on the logout button and have to return to the wallet. I’m not sure if this is because I haven’t backed up the wallet or what.