To people asking for more marketing


I have seen some people over the years ask or beg for more advertising/marketing and while I agree it is necessary & essential I believe it’s up to the individual speculators to do their part by spreading word and onboarding people through NIMIQ. How many people have you brought NIM up to or helped acquire some?

I think it is important we continue to see the current adoption rate or higher than what we are currently experiencing, last month NIMIQ surpassed a big milestone in having over 1,000,000 accounts created, since then it has gone up around 7,000 with a few hundred new accounts each day. You may track this information here:

I believe the team also recognizes the importance of advertising & a lot of the foundations funds are vested so they cannot be using the vested tokens for that purpose. What does the rest of the community think can be done?

I have noticed an uptick in Reddit interactions but it also has drawn out some cynics, I think it is very important for NIM to get the attention it deserves during this bull run because it’s main utility and focus is the ease of onboarding new users. Hopefully we can come up with some ideas as a community, but I have and will continue advertising it amongst those who recognize it’s value. Hoping the POS announcements will bring more attention if done correctly too.


Here are some cashlinks to give away 100 NIM each: