Troubleshooting Nimiq: Common issues & Answers


Proposed Structure

  • Issues relating to reaching consensus through the browser (Adblock, Brave, etc)
  • Issues relating to on-boarding & account creation (can include ‘missing’ one word in pass phrase generator here)
  • Issues / common questions on using Ledger Nano S (guide to using Ledger)
  • issues / common questions on mining
  • Miscellaneous, unique / specific / edge-case problems

>>This thread is actively being worked on <<

Common issues & Answers

This post is dedicated to common issues and problems encountered in the day-to-day use of Nimiq.

If you have an issue not answered here, please drop a comment outlining your issue and a member of the community or Team will help you resolve it.

Table of contents

I’ve forgotten one word in my 24 word recovery phrase.

Disclaimer: Using this tool in an online environment could compromise the security of your account, always use this tool in an offline environment disconnected from the internet.

A community created tool to recover one, or multiple missing words within your 24 word recovery phrase is available here. The tool was created by Blub former Beeppool owner.

Safe ‘stuck’ on syncing and not reaching consensus.

This issue typically occurs when an Ad-blocking extension is actively preventing the underlying consensus code from syncing to the blockchain on your web-browser, it is highly recommended to white-list the website (and sub-domains like to resolve this issue.

How do I 'log-out' of the Nimiq Safe?

Disclaimer: When clearing your browsers history, cookies & cache, please ensure that you have your 24 word recovery phrase backed up and written down.

Whilst there is no dedicated ‘log-out’ button in the Safe you can remove your account from a browser by clearing your browser history, cookies and cache. Please ensure you have written down your 24 word recovery phrase because if you wish to access your Nimiq account again your 24 word recover phrase will be required.

'Removed' transactions appear in my Nimiq Safe.

A rare case now-a-days, the ‘Removed’ transactions bug occurred when some nodes failed to update to resolve a pruning issue in the chain. You can resolve this issue by going to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Delete Cached Data’ in the Nimiq Safe.

I'm browser mining and I haven't received any Nimiq.

Some pools listed on the page may have a minimum payout before crediting your Nimiq account for the amount mined. You can find a comprehensive mining guide and active pool list here.

I use Brave browser & i'm unable to access the Nimiq Keyguard, Safe, etc.

Due to the built in ad-blocking in the Brave browser you will need to whitelist and its sub-domains to access Nimiq’s features, simply hit the Brave shield on the top-right of the Brave browser.

I have a problem importing my Ledger into the Nimiq Safe.

There is a known issue with importing a Ledger Nano S into the Nimiq Safe when an ad-blocking extension is active within the browser. Disabling the ad-blocking extension will generally resolve this particular issue.