Unclaimed Cashlink Can't View Link

I sent out a cashlink on August 24th and it hasn’t been claimed. I am unable to view the link to it and can’t remove the notification of the unclaimed cashlink from my safe. I currently have another cashlink that’s only 1 day unclaimed and can still view the link for that one. Is there a hidden timeframe from when the cashlinks become unretrievable and effectively become lost?

I have the same issue. My cashlink was created in September. And right now my safe wallet on my phone is not showing the unclaimed cashlinks but those cashlinks are shown in the safe wallet on my computer.

Cashlinks are stored in the Nimiq Hub, only locally in your browser. When that browser storage gets deleted (maybe you “cleaned” your browser storage, or the browser deleted it by itself because newer data took its place), the cashlink is deleted, too. If you ever sent the cashlink to anyone, you still have the link and can claim it back.

So in summary: there is no timeframe after which cashlinks are deleted, but a browser might clear its storage after a while.