Updated Testnet Apps RC4


Hello everyone,

We just pushed Release Candidate 4 of our apps to the Testnet.


Here is a list of notable changes:

  • Url-fragment RPC: the request is no longer sent to servers, as it is now stored in the client-side fragment (only the request ID remains as search param)
  • Complete Ledger support for all workflows
  • Auto-detection of active account(s) when using ambiguous recovery words
  • Warning for unsupported browsers
  • Keyguard security enhancements:
    • server-side CSP / security-headers
    • file integrity checks for all scripts and CSS
    • local fonts (no more external resources)
    • Passwords are no longer optional (but downloading a Login File is)
  • Plenty of UI, UX and wording improvements


As always, please test the hell out if it and let us know anything that comes up! :rocket:

For our devs: you likely need a new version of the AccountsClient. Get v0.4.0 here:

Happy coding!


Hi Soeren,

I just opened the testnet with chrome, entered my 24 recovery words, and now I am stuck on “collecting you addresses” page. Nothing is happening anymore, even if I refresh the browser.

Nothing special in my console:

I then created a new account and everything went well.

Let me know if I can help to debug this issue.


Thanks for reporting here! Can you give me a few more details about the account you tried to import? Were the words for an old-style single-address account, or for a new multi-address account that you created in the testnet before?

If the later, how many active addresses are on it (guess if you don’t know) and how long did you wait for the collection?

Thanks for your reply!


Tried importing contacts. Getting the following error “cannot import, wrong format”


Just messed about with the testnet for a while, it’s feeling so slick. Lastpass even works perfectly with my account password in there to speed things up even more :slight_smile:

Only a couple of minor usability things I found:

Top right corner dropdown says ‘Red Account’, ‘Yellow Account’ etc but I think this could be confusing, either don’t show it or just show ‘Accounts’ if a user has multiple.

Ability to rename my accounts from the vanity names would be nice if I’m a boring person and want to call it ‘Account 1’, ‘Savings Account’ etc. Maybe this is possible and I’m just blind.

Backup creation: ‘Mind water and fire, use a sealed box to keep your Recovery Words safe.’ Sounds clunky to me in English, all the other text is looking great everywhere though, can tell a huge amount of work has gone into it.

Having both backup creation and the login file confused me a bit, users won’t be aware what the difference is, so it may need some explanation. Maybe ‘paper backup’ and ‘access key’ or similar help explain their uses more?


Renaming is possible right next to the backup and logout options :wink: there’s the ‘Rename’ menu item in the account selector.

I’ll forward your other feedback, thanks Glenn!


Hi Soeren,

I entered the 24 words I generated a long time ago, it was the 3rd April 2018, just before the mainnet I think. So it was just one old-style single address. I waited one minute or two.

Next week I will try to clear my browser data and do it again, to give you more details if I can reproduce it.

(I will be off me computer until next Tuesday, sorry if I do not reply).


Hi, thanks for confirming my suspicion. I think we found the bug you ran into and fixed it. So you can try again whenever you are ready, it should work fine now.

Thanks for testing and reporting! :+1: