Useful links for NIMIQ's chain

Please feel free to suggest and share any, I’m just sharing what I am aware of but would love to compile list of useful links: - TX & Chain visualizer/explorer (Personal favorite) - Block explorer + Minor Pool info - Top 1000 Rich List, Tracks # of wallets, Block Explorer and Pool information. Also includes ability to custom name your Address. Recent TX/Blocks + Total & Circulating Supply (Personal Favorite) - Public Telegram group - NIMIQ tetris game, earn free NIM - Foundation’s Free NIM Faucet - Calculate your NIM 2.0 POS rewards - Accept NIM/BTC/ETH all as payments - Foundation’s Store for Merch/Apparel - NIMIQ SUNSET CYBERSPACE (Another free NIM game) - Web Miner, Learn more about POW before 2.0

Everything I’m aware of currently, please share more to compile a bigger list. - Feel free to repost to Reddit, thanks.

On my web you have some more links ;D

Also there are another projects more at

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