Vanity Nimiq Address Generator

As I’m learning more about Nimiq, and crypto in general, I’ve started building a small app Vanity Wallet Code

This is using minimal External js, so that almost anyone can read the code. This is meant also to work as an Offline Wallet .

I’m curious to find out if this is a real need for people, to have nice Nimiq adresses.

Next step would be to actually combine it with the Icon Builder and allow you to really customize your Nimiq address.

So my question to you, is this really a need? Would you find this useful?

As I’m looking into creating HD Wallets, this process seems to be 1000x slower for the new type of wallets. This will make the name finding quite hard.

So this is a Project Idea and also Feedback gathering too.

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Nice work! I think some people in this forum have already asked for such tools (see: Is it possible to make custom addresses? And if so how?).
So, yes, there are people looking for such apps.

Also, the idea of combining it with the Icon Builder is quite nice. :+1:

Regarding the HD Wallets, you’re completely right. I implemented a HD Wallet version based on our Rust implementation that runs natively and uses multiple cores:

It is still very slow… :wink:

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This looks great @paberr
I will try it for sure. I’m curious how much faster this is than the node implementation. I’m using cluster mode with node and running it on all cores.