Wallet / advertising platform

1. Project Description

This will be a combined crypto wallet to store NIM+BTC+ETH. And a geolocation advertising platform



  • Register on the site/app to setup their company profiles.
  • Create daily deals/promotions/meal of the day etc.
  • Overview of statistics how many times their ad has been seen, how many % of those bought etc…
  • Featuring ads (paid in nim)
  • POS function to enter amount to charge + generating QR code for user to scan in wallet
  • Integration to other POS systems
  • Optional to make merchants able to sell/buy NIM for FIAT


  • Wallet (NIM+BTC+ETH, maybe some erc20 tokens)
  • Geolocation map with filters for discovering merchants nearby (Eat, Drink, Sleep, Attractions, Locals. etc)
  • User can top up their NIM balance with credit card purchase
  • Follow merchants function
  • Meet other users
  • Step counter with prizes to claim at certain merchants
  • Appswitch if user prefers to sign transactions in official nimiq wallet

2. Project Team

• Kristian Stage (Project manager + UI/UX + Development)
• LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristian-stage-b3543a107/
• Babi Sarafaraz (Lead developer + Dev management)
• LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarafarazbabi/

3. Requested Funding

Total: 1.500.000 NIM
This amount covers development & developer accounts(ios/android) + domain and server costs for the first year

Funds needed for future maintenance

  • 5K NIM Annual domain renewal
  • 7500 NIM Monthly hosting renewal
  • 25000 NIM Apple developer account renewal

4. External Funding

We will have no further funding. This platform will be a community project and we just wanna build something that can help nimiq to grow but also our community.

5. Project technologies

The wallet/advertising platform exist of following parts:

  • Native Merchant POS/Advertising Android App (phone/tablet)
  • Native Merchant POS/Advertising iOS app (iphone/ipad)
  • Backend system for merchants to create their profile + create promotion & view statistics (this will also work in their app)
  • Web applications for users that does not have a smartphone

6. Detailed Project Plan

This platform will make it easy for merchants to advertise to people nearby, but it will also help users to locate
merchants on the map that accepts NIM, BTC, ETH. And of course find daily deals/promotions nearby.

7. Design

Design will be changed to nimiq colors.
Wallet will only have NIM, BTC & ETH