Welcome to Nimiq Forum


Nimiq community is very active, interesting discussions occur daily. These often contain valuable information that is lost on Telegram / Discord. This forum records important information so it remains easy to find.

What makes us happy :slight_smile:

Technical Questions are one of the main focus of the forum. If you have something interesting to ask/share inside the coding realm feel free to do so.

Tracking of Marketing Efforts is a common question from the community. We want to share the efforts in a transparent and engaging way. Wiki-like posts will be updated frequently with information from exchanges form submissions, merchant targets, informative sites, etc.

Community Collaboration by sharing ideas, offering/requesting help and finding other community members with the skill you miss to get a project going.

What makes us sad :frowning:

Destructive mentality is not welcome in this forum. This includes personal attacks, irrational claims and overall empty opinions. This place is meant for builders not destroyers, if you are in then try your best to help others.

Capitalist-driven intentions are not something we are thrilled about. Being a cryptocurrency, Nimiq is of course immerse in Economics. However, the end objective of all users should be to build a convenient and censorship resistant Payment Ecosystem, not getting a quick buck.

Aggresive behaviour likeThreats of violence, Hate speech and discrimination, Bullying and harassment , Impersonation, Doxxing and invasion of privacy, Sexually obscene content, Active malware or exploits.

Nimiq Team & Moderators