What are the dvantages of a Browser-Based Blockchain?

What are the most significant advantages offered by a browser-based blockchain when comparing its functionalities to those of traditional blockchains? Simplicity is an obvious one, but I’m curious to know of other significant advantages offered by this technology that will drive its adoption.

Thank you in advance for your responses!


The main advantage is that a node can be established in the browser without an extension (and more specifically a node can be established in any JavaScript ES6 capable environment). This means you can send a transaction from practically anywhere, and you don’t need to rely on a third party to relay your transaction to a node.

All other advantages stem from this first one. Websites can mine in the background as a form of monetization (although not very profitable with GPU miners existing), websites can monitor and interact with the blockchain without their users needing to do anything other than visit the site, developers can easily work with the blockchain since JS is a friendly and easy to learn language, etc…

Personally, I think Nimiq’s strength lie much more in it’s focus on the end users (nimiqons, keyguard, etc…) than on the fact that it’s a browser based blockchain.


Just because it’s a browser based blockchain doesn’t mean you get simplicity for free. Nimiq stands for simplicity by design. That’s a major difference. I can create a browser based blockchain that can’t even get close to simplicity.

The advantage of browser based is that web technologies are everywhere nowadays. From regular browsers to desktop applications, and from micro services to smartphones. They all can run it. With browser based tech you have an amazing scope of potential candidates that can interact with the blockchain. Combine this with the small footprint, e.g. Nimiq’s nano clients, that Nimiq requires in order participate in the network and the UX simplicity. That’s in my opinion the true strength.

Last point from a technical point of view is that as a developer you can start also really easy and run it everywhere.


@stefan put it very nicely. A browser based blockchain runs on any device with browser, so basically anywhere.
As you’re asking in terms of functionalities, I’d say they are similar, but now they are becoming available to a much broader audience. Additionally, a browser based blockchain is ideal to be integrated into websites, webapps, and mobile devices due to its minimal footprint. These two aspects are crucial for mass adoption.

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@Chugwig @Stefan @svub: Excellent responses, really appreciate your time. From a “technological layman’s” perspective, simplicity appears to be the major barrier for mass adoption of crypto. I hope Nimiq can be to crypto what Mosaic was to the internet!


Oh! Great comparison! I’ll for sure borrow that one for future use! :ok_hand: