Where's WEG Bank heading?

Is there any public roadmap for WEG Bank or any resource where I can have an idea about their current plans and where they’re heading? I’m specifically interested in how and when nimiq will be leveraged as a real-world payment solution with WEG Bank.
I think we’re receiving enough information about nimiq’s technical progress but the business side of things is quite fuzzy. More updates on that are required so that interested people can build realistic expectations.

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Our partner WEG Bank, now TEN31Bank is building the first non-custodial FIAT-Crypto gateway together with Team Nimiq. You can even see that in their homepage…

An informative page about Nimiq OASIS is soon to be released, tests where already performed last year in a Sandbox environment and a working prototype is planned to be tested with our most active and closer community soon (something we have been doing lately to test apps like our new wallet and new mobile app). If you are interested in participating in such tests please let us (me, moderators or Nimiq Team members) know over here in the forum, Telegram or Discord.

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@Richy I am interested in participating in the next test of Nimiq dapps.