Who in the community is payed by Team Nimiq?

Various members of the Nimiq Community are payed in some way by Team Nimiq. I was wondering if we could get a list + explanations of why they’re being payed.

For example, afaik the Local Community Managers are paid. I’m sure there’s more people that aren’t listed on the Nimiq.com team page that are still on Team Nimiq’s payroll.

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I didn’t know Local Representatives were paid, agree with the list and the reason, maybe for a future report?


I think my concern is a “real world concern”, especially considering the team won’t be running out of funds for at least another year or two if I had to guess.

But either way, don’t piggyback off other posts, please post this in a separate thread if you care to see it discussed / answered at some point.

I’m not saying they’re necessarily payed to shill, just payed for various reasons related to Nimiq. I just think more transparency in this department would go a long way, and also combat people assuming there are paid shillers.

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Of course! We do have payed Local Community Managers for our bigger Localized Communities, Just like other projects have paid moderators.

I am surprised this is not clear, I thought we made it clear since the reddit AMA more than a year ago: https://www.reddit.com/r/Nimiq/comments/aeld86/comment/edsuoht

Happy to clear any doubts about it. It is important for everybody to understand it and feel part of it.


We have Local Community Managers who are in a paid roll and work in Communiy Management tasks (we can detail that but I think it is not necessary)

Current Community Managers are:

  • R3dexe - Germany
  • Rraallvv - Venezuela (South America)
  • Talleyrand - France (asked not to get payed anymore, I think it is because of the way this role has portraited with a negative connotation lately)
  • Miao - China
  • Stefan - Netherlands
  • Symphonys - UK (currently inactive though)
  • Vad - Russia/Latvia
  • Hiago - Brazil (currently inactive)

They help me a lot overlooking the community, giving support and external feedback of the teams actions. They are almost considered part of the team though, I’ve been thinking of actually adding them to the team page, but haven’t asked them about it (I guess I just did)


I think it’s necessary to elaborate on the roles of the Local Community Managers, as Talleyrands description of the job in the Reddit post you cite as a source of info contradicts what I’ve seen previously counted as part of a community manager’s tasks.

Also are CMs the only ones in the community being paid who aren’t listed in the team members paid, or are there others who aren’t CMs but still paid.

Also curious about how the CM role has been satanized lately. Afaik no one has talked about the CMs in any of the public chats, and most people aren’t aware they exist (or they are aware but see them as no different from another member of the team).

I think not everyone has the same duties, I know Stefan for example is much more involved on the “technical” sides for obvious reasons (he is a developer, I am not).

As far as I’m concerned the role progressively drifted from being centered around french speaking stuff to more english content making as there is simply not such a big community for now. Still nothing I would call a contradiction.

For example, afaik the Local Community Managers are paid. I’m sure there’s more people that aren’t listed on the Nimiq.com team page that are still on Team Nimiq’s payroll.

If I remember correctly there is at least one developer who contributed at some point but wanted to remain anonymous (fiaxh on Discord I think).

About listing every single contractor on Team Nimiq page I’m against, it would look pretty silly, the Team already gets trolled for listing their cook during hackathons.
As much as I appreciate the trust and esteem of Richy I don’t consider myself part of the Nimiq Team structure (I work 10 sometimes 12 hours a day already and have a full time occupation completely unrelated, it’s not like it ever was meant to be a living wage either) and imo the website is already quite generous on this point about listing people working around Nimiq.