Why do you buy Nimiq?


Why are you buying nimiq and what do you expect from it?


What I expect from Nimiq: Pitch

Their recent research to switch to a PoS based consensus algorithm: [Albatross](“Research Collaboration: Albatross” by Team Nimiq https://link.medium.com/T4DcZzP1pW)

And their vision to make Nimiq directly compatible with fiat in a seamless and non-custodial way: [OASIS](“Nimiq Makes Fiat Currencies Blockchain Compatible” by Team Nimiq https://link.medium.com/gpEiEAzU9V)

Everything else: DYOR


I’m buying NIM because I believe it’ll be worth more than it’s current value. It’s as simple as that. As for why I think it’ll appreciate, Stefan’s points cover most of my opinions.

A personal reason for believing in NIM, I think my efforts and those of the other community devs will cause appreciation in the future via the use cases we make. I’m not a fan of buying a coin and just expecting the team to do all the work or for the value to shoot up magically. I’ve seen potential in the dev community surrounding Nimiq though and therefore believe we’ll be able to bring about mass adoption (and from that, price will rise).

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