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Nimiq (Cryptocurrency)

Nimiq is a Blockchain Ecosystem for payments designed to make cryptocurrencies easy to use for everyone without compromising decentralization. [01]
It’s a cryptocurrency native to the web meaning, it can be used in a browser without downloading or installing additional software.[01]


The Nimiq foundation was founded in 2017 and version 1 of the Nimiq blockchain launched on April 14, 2018.[05] Version is a Proof-of-Work blockchain combining features of Bitcoin (fixed supply cap) as well as Ethereum (accounts tree.)
Version two of the protocol and blockchain is planned to be released in 2021.


Nimiq’s blockchain design is focused on being lightweight and thus fostering usability and user experience while not compromising on structure and openness of blockchain technology.
Ultra light clients, called nano nodes, can establish consensus by transferring less than 1MB[04] of data with the network, thus even embedded as well as mobile devices with low bandwidth and storage capacity can run a node and be part of the decentralized blockchain network.
In the upcoming version two, consensus can be established with less than 150kB.[01]




The software is open source[03] and everyone can contribute to the ecosystem.




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