[WIP] HexTank.io 3D Browser-based multiplayer game built on Nimiq

Hi everyone!

HexTank.io is a play-to-earn skill-based multiplayer game you can play in your browser.

You will join a continuous tournament which will have an entry fee.
Winners will get 90% of the game earnings.

The gameplay will feature a PVP sci-fi arena where HexTanks try to destroy each other. You will control a third-person view HexTank using your keyboard/gamepad on desktop computers (WASD and space for shooting) or touch controls on mobile devices.

Work in progress prototype link: https://hextank.netlify.app/


Feel free to share your feedback/opinions!


Nice job! I would love to see a key map somewhere on the screen. Ability to move slow or fast - maybe using shift - to be able to maneuver around the buildings better. Can’t wait to see Nimiq used for the payouts.

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@DonJuan131 thanks!

  1. The lack of key map adds an element of discoverability to the arena. So you have to look around for enemies.
  2. The acceleration is built-in. You can move slower by easily touching the W/Up key.

Very cool. Already working smoothly. Keep up the good work!


The turning needs to be triggered near instantly. It seems it took half a second to trigger turning, I suggest 0.1 or 0.2. There’s rings in the game and, I’m not sure if I have to jump but it’s not in the controls. Overall, it looks fun to play, looking forward to Nimiq integration

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@frvfrvr thanks!

  1. The ring is for debugging purposes and it indicates the map origin. You can ignore it for now.
  2. Looks like you are experiencing latency. Currently, the server is based in Germany. More regions will be added to the game launch.

Game works perfectly. Good job friends. Can’t wait to play it against ˝real˝ enemies. :slight_smile:

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Congratulations on your game appearing in the front page :clap: @inn3r