Would it be possible to add a mass cashlink feature?

Hey guys!

Not sure who was a developer behind cashlinks, but I love it and use it frequently with my friends to get them to use nimiq and get to know the wallet a little. Everyone loves it.

The only problem I sometime face is that I have to send multiple cashlinks to multiple people…

I think this was already a discussion somewhere but I couldn’t find it - but would it be possible to add MASS CASHLINK feature, where I could select number of recievers and number of NIM per reciever ? That would be so amazing to actually use in giveaways, tweets or reddit posts to attact new people in. I have done some cashlink on forums etc, but if it is only one person the others are left wondering what that is…

In my opinion this would be one of the best onboarding/markering features I could think of to atract new ppl in. Giveaways always work :slight_smile:



Hey duurkl, if you haven’t caught this already - Albermonte has released a Multi Cashlink on Github.

I have this a go, it had created 50x1nim cashlinks without a problem!


There is a little script somewhere which we use internally when we need many Cashlinks for special events. But nobody in the team had the time to build a UI around it. It’s not hard actually and could be an interesting community project. @Daniel could you share the script or what you have so far?

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I think @duurkl’s idea is that multi receivers in a single cashlink. The amount per receiver could be random or fixed as a option.

Yes exactly what Miao said. 1 cashlink that would be able to facilitate any desired number of recievers at some fixed amount. This could be used in giveaways, comments, reddit posts etc… Numerous cashlink would look suspicious imho, already 1 cashlink is often unfortunately flagged by some people, to whom cashlinks may look like some kind of generated malicious link…

Maybe ping @NimiqSoeren here. Do you think this feature could be approached? It seems to be a major change to me, but my knowledge is out of date. If it’s a minor work, community may take it as a proposal.

Our Cashlinks actually already support being claimed multiple times with a smaller amount.
Creating such a Cashlink is however not directly supported by the UI.
You can manually create such a Cashlink by creating a regular Cashlink with the amount that should be claimed per person and then topping up the Cashlink’s address with additional funds.

For example:

  • Create a Cashlink for 5 NIM.
  • Send 95 additional NIM to the Cashlink’s address.
  • The Cashlink can be claimed 20 times with 5 NIM each time.

Note however, that there is no protection against someone claiming the link multiple times or even all funds at once, if he knows how to do it.

Try this in Testnet first, as it’s an undocumented and to a degree experimental feature.


@Daniel @NimiqSoeren It indeed works like what you guys mentioned above. Only little issue with UI in transactions history, but totally understandable.