Getting Started with NIM on Trust Wallet

This document is about introducing NIM on Trust Wallet in a short and compact way to beginner crypto users. It’s supposed to be used/shared as soon as the NIM integration is released to the public. The screenshots are mock-ups. Please reply ideas and feedback if you see ways to improve this document. Thank you!

Trust Wallet is the official crypto wallet of Binance. So it’s a multi-crypto wallet developed by a strong team backed by the biggest exchange in crypto. That means it’s here to stay. The great news is:

NIM is available on Trust Wallet now!

Whether you are already using Trust Wallet or are looking for a native app to use your NIM, here is a short intro on how to get started with NIM on Trust Wallet.

Installing Trust Wallet

First, install the app for Android or iOS. Then, during the setup, create a new wallet if you haven’t used Trust Wallet before. First step, backup your wallet by following the steps on your screen and writing down the 12 words. Remember to store them in a safe place, ideally in more than one location and not only at home.

The name of the wallet can be changed by going to “Settings” ➜ “Wallets” ➜ “⋮”➜ “Name” and then drag / swipe down on the home screen to see the update.

Adding NIM

Press the “+” or “:mag_right:” in the upper right, find “Nimiq (NIM)” in the list and enable it.

Then, back on the home screen, tap “Nimiq” ➜ “Receive” to charge your wallet.

Paying with NIM

Tap “Nimiq” ➜ “Send”, then either paste the address you want to send to or scan the QR code.

A biiig thank you to @Terorie with support of @Vasconcelos from the Nimiq community for their efforts that made this happen!

Enjoy using NIM with Trust Wallet!


Cool guide! For anyone interested, here are the download links:

Android / Play Store

iOS / App Store

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I’m glad to hear that NIM is now available in Trust Wallet! Trust Wallet is a popular and secure crypto wallet, and it’s great that NIM users now have another option to store and manage their NIM tokens.

Here’s a quick introduction on how to get started with NIM in Trust Wallet:

Download and install the Trust Wallet app from the App Store or Google Play.
Create a new wallet or import an existing wallet.
Press the “+” button on the main screen and search for “Nimiq”.
Click on the Nimiq token and click “Enable”.
Your Trust Wallet is now ready to accept and send NIM tokens.
To receive NIM tokens, simply provide the sender with your Trust Wallet’s NIM address. To send NIM tokens, click on the Nimiq token in Trust Wallet and click “Send”. Enter the NIM amount you want to send and the recipient’s NIM Trust Wallet address.

In my opinion, Trust is one of the best crypto payment gateway.

Trust Wallet also supports many other cryptocurrencies, so you can use it to store and manage all your crypto assets in one place.