New Wallet Feedback Thread

Neat design , love that it has fiat equivalent so less back and forth converting NIM to USDT in exchange sites. It would be nice to have privacy toggle too especially for an account with huge amounts, don’t want to flaunt that wealth near passerby.

The wallet is awesome, one thing I have noticed is there is no ability to remove an address. If you have multiple addresses but stop using one you have no way to delete it.

Love the new Wallet, great work!
Would it be an option to add a switch to show / hide the value of tx / wallet?
As much i like NIM, i don’t like people around me seeing the value of my wallet.


Great design! Big shoutout!

Just one bug.
In my case on Firefox for the Ledger wallet it doesn’t show the NIM balance but only “???”.

Also when I connect Ledger and create a new address with it, the pop up flashes 10-12 times before connecting. Eventually it does connect but it looks like it is crashing.

I also would like to see a dark theme and the possibility to hide/interchange between NIM and fiat balance, as well as 100%, 75%, 50% and 25% button that automatically calculate the % of the transaction amount based on the total balance in a certain address.

For the rest great work!

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There is an option to logout from the current Nimiq account, it won’t remove all accounts you have imported though, just the one currently selected. Although maybe it could be changed to “remove account”, since it’s the opposite of the option “add account”.

This has been requested a lot, maybe it could be hidden by default and shown by hovering/tapping on the area that it appears.

Feedback from Telegram user @tonyjake

  • New Wallet is a bit sadder than the previous one though. I liked the way it used rounded « cards » to divide sections.
  • And also the background is gray… and gray is a bit sad too… but maybe I’m sad and the wallet is fine. :slight_smile:
  • In previous wallet it was nice to see recent transactions directly on the main page
  • New wallet’s sidebar looks good, and the connection map

Would be nice if you could send with 1 click your address to whatsapp, wechat, telegramm, twitter, etc… A dark theme would also be slick. In the final release will you be able to see the price in usd , euro or btc for example ?

Hey @Stinkstruik, thanks for the feedback! Those are all valid points. 1 click copy to messenger services is not planned right now, but added to the list of feature requests. Dark theme is definitely coming. Price in USD/EUR is both working already, you can select the reference currency in the settings.

Thank you @Shay! And I can absolutely see that staking counter, would be slick. We’re currently evaluating the technical boundaries behind that, concerning staking periods and payout cycles, so I also don’t know yet if it will be possible. If yes – I think it’s a good idea :slight_smile:

That line break :confused:

@Albermonte agreed – we’re working on that issue. Please note though that you’re using a legacy account. Upgrading to a new multi-address account will solve that issue :slight_smile:

The wallet is great. It will give a better user experience if we can see the wallet balance when trying to send funds to someone.! For exemple in the area of the orange circle.

Thanks for the feedback @Pissent! Re showing the wallet balance while sending a transaction: For us it’s always the trade-off between crucial information and unnecessary distraction – if we can’t find a solid reason to display some information we leave it away to keep the interface clean and straightforward.

Can you describe the use case a bit? In what cases would you say it’s important to know the balance?

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I find the “total balance” unreasonably big. I mean the value displayed are the biggest characters in the whole page, you can see it from 5 meters away, while it is a sensitive information.

@illaberek thanks your the feedback! It’s heard and we’ll discuss it. Just to clarify: The reason why you would like the total balance to be significantly smaller is only the privacy point? Or are there also other reasons for it?

A dark mode would be nice! every app or website deserves a dark mode!

@Luketherock868 working on it!

I would like to see the total wallet balance in NIM and in a smaller font, and with a thousands-seperator.
Dark theme of course.
A list of my contacts as in the old GUI.
An easier way to manage (import, export) cashlinks.

@Bavarian_Birdman thanks for the feedback!
Total wallet balance in NIM: we went for a fiat equivalent to accord for the fact that soon we’ll be having both NIM and BTC in the wallet, but we’re thinking about providing options to just focus on one.
Dark theme will come
List of contacts There is a contact book, it’s just tied to the send-transaction interface – the reason for that is that we deemed this to be the flow where users are actually using contacts. What use cases do you see where users need access to the contact book outside of sending a transaction?
An easier way to manage (import, export) cashlinks Importing/exporting is nothing I would associate with cashlinks – can you explain a bit more? Right now we show every cashlink associated with the respective address in the transaction history, while open cashlinks have a special filter to access them quickly. Creating or redeeming cashlinks is a click of a button.

+1 to dark mode
Would also like to see an option to turn off the fiat value for the amount of NIM held. Like that it’s on by default, but would like the option to switch it off for privacy reasons.

thanks @Sandman, it’s noted, we’ll discuss it!

Awesomely amazing work on the wallet! One nice to have would be a slide gesture for the menu, not sure how feasible it is but ja. Dark mode also a must please :pray:

@Frans thank you! Swipe gestures for touch devices are already in our list of improvements, dark mode is coming :slight_smile:

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It’s great so far for me! My only problem is showing both of my accounts on the wallet at once and switching between them doesn’t always work.

@SirChef can you elaborate a bit? Is it a UX problem or a technical issue?

Love everything about NIMIQ. Nice Interface and easy use :slight_smile:
I would appreciate if there are more fiat currencies to display with.
Thanks for all the hard work and i strongly believe in the potential of NIMIQ growth :slight_smile:

@Jamalih_Berryjam thanks for your feedback! What fiat currencies would you like to see?

Thanks @Kos-M! Does it bother you that total balance, fiat values and market data are there at all, or the specific way we display it?

@frvfrvr thanks for the feedback! How would you imagine a privacy toggle? Would a lock-screen solve the issue?

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