Nimiq 3 year anniversary coming up!

Oh how the time flies my friends! On April 14th Nimiq mainnet turns 3 years old :open_mouth:

We are trying to gather some ideas on what we want to do on that day in terms of social media events.

The first things that come to my mind are:

  • Ledger Giveaway
  • NIM Giveaway
  • Get a hashtag going like #NimiqAnniversary with screenshots from the past years (nostalgia time)

If you have some ideas that are relatively easy to implement (it’s already in 8 days!) please share your thoughts :slight_smile:


I suggest #Nimiqcon or #Nimiqon as potential hashtags too. Releasing a testnet on the anniversary would be nifty :wink:

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Nimiq Waifu drawing competition.

I like the idea with sending Ledger Nano S - the issue so far was usually that it’s tricky and expensive to ship them world-wide. Unfortunately. But we should still try and use them, we still have a few and are happy to give Ledgers to the people to store their NIM safely! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I like the ideas
could also make some kind of discord quiz :nerd_face:

I created a Kahoot style Nimiq related questionary, in case someone is interested in hosting a Nimiq live stream quiz. I’m making the questionary public because after giving some thought I think it’s very unlikely that someone can cheat if it’s done live and questions are picked at random with also the answers for each question ordered randomly.

Please check this video hosted by Andreas Antonopoulos, in case you are wondering how a live stream quiz looks like :wink:

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