New Website


The new website is a much awaited effort from the team. On this thread I will post regular updates of it.


We are looking forward to see new website soon!


Good job! Guys! Keep going!


Exciting stuff! :+1:
I see you plan to keep the current structure more or less for the home page.
If I had one suggestion to make about this fact it would be to have a dynamic window where apps are promoted instead of simply having a square/area with “apps” written on it.

Something like what game launchers/home page do is great to attract attention from users on new content and it could tremendously help apps like Twini or shortnim to get some traffic and why not users.
Here some examples to flesh out the general idea:

Of course it should be adapted to fit the tone but the window would still highlight a particular app and invite the user to discover it.


Hey, thanks, appreciate the ideas! Such a layout is definitely super fresh, but I see a problem with a more or less similar layout: Our apps ecosystem does not provide such A-grade visuals and illustrations. If you check the designs of the Apps you will see that many don’t exactly pay much attention or effort on a great visual experience.
The current plan is to give all apps a certain visual stage but this won’t dominate the interface visually. Going forward, we can definitely consider something like that.

I see you plan to keep the current structure more or less for the home page.

Not to sure what you mean, I think it’s going to change pretty significantly.

We’re implementing a splash site for the current website that will tease the new website btw.


Splash page is almost ready. I’m currently fixing the last issues while integrating it with the current website.





Thanks for posting here, Talleyrand. Mostly, it was the big Easy Money proclamation that I hope gets edited. Loved the splash page idea though!


Thanks for the feedback. We have been discussing about the new Motto of the project quite a lot and your input is super valuable for this discussion.
I think personally think is good to have Nimiq2.0 column for newcomers to easily know that Nimiq is upgrading to a second version, is just the easiest more straight forward way of doing so.
Regarding Easy Money, I think Simple Money is plain and boring whereas Easy Money draws attention as it kind of unexpected. Simple Money is exactly what you would expect. Maybe @Tammo can comment more about “Easy Money”


I’d happily disregard my other two comments to hopefully spur more discussion about Easy Money. It is by far the more important idea and needs more vetting especially if it is under consideration as the new Motto.
If Simple Money is too boring then I’m fine with any other term to replace “Easy”. Ironically, “Hard Money” would be a better term. Or, “Hard Money made Easy” may be a great way to describe the goals of Nimiq.


Definitely agree with MrSmiley. Easy Money already means “money for nothing” and sounds sleazy and dirty to my American ears.


If we’re tallying votes, I can’t agree more with MrSmiley’s first point.

I love the Nimiq team’s views on the current state of blockchain and how they choose to focus Nimiq’s current and future development, and I’d hate to see someone brush the project off as a get rich quick scheme just due to some unfortunate wording.

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Just to expand on my reasoning:

Easy Money has several meanings. There is the one already mentioned ( but beyond that, Easy Money has a meaning tied to Economics. Essentially, hard money is money who’s supply remains constant (or at least is difficult to inflate). The opposite of this is inflationary, or “Easy” money. In that, the stock is easy to increase (the stock to flow ratio is low) and so the value can not be maintained.

For those interested, the book The Bitcoin Standard goes into this in depth. Or look for references related to Austrian Economics.

Many Bitcoin Maximalists argue the value of Bitcoin is at its most basic level tied to its hardness resulting from the hard cap on supply. Even one of the more recently hyped new coins, Grin, believes this to be important, and while they are an inflationary coin, they are purposely limiting the mature inflation to a level less than annual gold production (essentially, the standard for what many believe to be sound money) and believe this low level will be acceptable as long as it is a known entity and demand for it remains high.

For these reasons I really like the concept of playing the words “hard” and “easy” against each other to get the point across that Nimiq is simple while reinforcing that it is serious, secure, valuable currency that can be used for payments.

Nimiq: Hard money was never this easy
Nimiq: Hard money, made easy.
Nimiq: Hard money can be simple…

You get the idea. Cheers!


I was also considering sticking with easy (as Nimiq is indeed easy to use) and just not pairing it with Money. Maybe things like:

Nimiq: Simple money, easy payments.
Nimiq: Cryptocurrency made simple and easy to use


“Easy Currency”?
Not as catchy though.


I thought a lot about it as well. I think time will come that crypto do not need to explain that it is ‘money’. Nimiq becomes the best payment-service out there! Think about the term ‘Payments. Simplified.’ or ‘Easy Payments’. If it should become a slogan, do something like ‘Moooney!’

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Okay since it was my idea I guess I have to take the heat. ‘Easy Money’ fulfills a number of tasks which makes it our favorite choice for now.

  1. It explains what Nimiq’s main use case is: payments. This is not self-evident for new users, as it distinguishes Nimiq from the many other uses of blockchain tech (but a lot of your proposed alternatives do this too).
  2. It claims Nimiq to be money and not ‘just’ a cryptocurrency. This mirrors our aspiration and makes it apparent that our competition is not just other cryptos but other forms of money (a ‘think big’ kinda thing).
  3. ‘Easy Money’ expresses our commitment to easiness both directly (cause ‘easy’) and indirectly (being super short and crisp).
  4. It is – to some extent – sleazy, but that works for us in two ways:
  • It’s activating as it’s a bit unexpected and makes you actually think about it. If it would stand on its own I would agree with the risk @Chugwig sees but in the context of the rest of the website/product, I don’t really see anyone closing their browser tap because of them not liking the HL.
  • It’s a subtle hint to the possibility of Nimiq being a good investment.
    …both are something that I assume none of the proposed alternatives achieve.
    So far for the defense of ‘Easy Money’.

In general, a nice, descriptive and technically precise line (e.g. the hard money thing) is easily outperformed by something that’s activating and a bit out of the expected. “Simple money, easy payments.” fails in this regard, “Hard money was never this easy” requires quite a bit of in-depth knowledge that we shouldn’t expect from our visitors.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m open for a discussion and eventually for an alternative :slight_smile:


Thanks for the in depth post @Tammo , I appreciate how willing you are to not only join the conversation but to give us the honest truth you’re working with to make the decision.

I see what you mean about my original suggestions, although you didn’t seem to comment on Tobias’ suggestion of “Easy Payment” and I’d love to hear your opinion on it. I quite like the suggestion, and I think if fits your first 3 criteria really well (I’m not sure how activating terms are as for me “Easy Money” only makes me think about it due to my care for Nimiq, and as a new user I most likely wouldn’t think to hard about it). If you wanted to get across the Money part a bit more you could try “Digital Money, Easy Payments”.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!


I’ll tell you why I defend Easy Money vs Easy Payments:

  • Easy Payments is not directly related to the currency nature of Nimiq and could be confused with accounting software.
  • Easy Money does not says it is a currency it immediately sets the bar up to the level of Money. What is Nimiq? It is Money… but Easy :slight_smile:
  • Easy Money has that effect on you where you actually keep thinking about it in different ways throughout the journey. It generates discussion. It makes you want to tell your friends about it.

I do understand your arguments. But if you have already to explain your idea to the community, than this whole thing does not work like intended.

Money is one of the most serious things in the world. Easy is here misplaced.

Maybe write ‘Nimiq. Simple, secure, and censorship-resistant money.’
Nimiq. Easy-to-use, secure, and censorship-resistant cryptocurreny. Simply money!
Simply Money!
Easy-to-use, secure, and censorship-resistant cryptocurreny.

Finally, the expression I always really kept in mind was ‘Better Money’. THIS was something I wanted to see and understand.