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Thank you for the clarifications. I feel compelled to contribute further to the conversation as I do believe this particular hill is worth dying on. I’ll reply to your comments and then I had a few additional thoughts I would like to share:

  1. I do not agree Easy Money explains the payments use case and do agree with @Richy to some extent on this: If Nimiq is never taken seriously as sound money who will use it for payments? I can not stress enough that this is not a point to be taken lightly.
  2. It does claim Nimiq to be money - just the wrong type of money. I feel this is important to distinguish early on when someone is considering Nimiq as their money of choice.
  3. The actual ease of use of the network and ux is by far the best way display this commitment (Nimiq is doing a great job here). By all means, make it part of the motto - just don’t shoot yourself in the face to make your point.
  4. I disagree that a “sleazy” motto works for Nimiq on any level. It to some extent goes to what users you are trying to attract and at what point Nimiq is in its development as a money.

I do believe a motto like “Hard Money. Easy.” is the better line and even more thought provoking than “Easy Money”. The word Hard has the double meaning here: for non-educated users it simply means “Crypto is difficult” and for more educated users it means “Nimiq is trustworthy” and plays off that to state that Nimiq is the easiest to use money around.

It also has the benefit of not appearing amateurish to more experienced crypto people. What I mean by that: people want above all their money to be dependable - they want to know that the value they have decided to place there will not suddenly disappear or erode away. This will win out over ease of use every time.

People suffering from bad money have learned very quickly how to use more complicated systems like bitcoin - they will not struggle to learn Nimiq if they know they can trust it. If Nimiq was already around for a decade and had large network effects then sure, play a little more fast-and-loose with the new motto. But experienced and knowledgeable crypto enthusiasts will have an important part in expanding the reach of Nimiq. And they will not be kind to a project that voluntarily declared its currency to be Easy Money.

I’m not sure I’ll convince you but I do believe Nimiq has immense potential and I feel I have a responsibility to at least make my position on this as clear as possible. I truly believe that if Nimiq keeps to its goals inspired by Bitcoin and continues to focus on ease of use and ux, all Nimiq will need to succeed is simply consistency, dependability, and time.




Personally, I do like the the way that looks - as I am sure there are also alternatives that could work as well. Thanks for putting that together @Tobias.

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Got told to suggest it here but I suggested in Discord that a simple change of words can make it a lot better, like “Money made easy” or something.

Seems like you guys have the same idea which is good.

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I think what works as well is (and it is much more positive connoted, isn’t it?!):

Nimiq - New Money. Simple, secure and censorship-resistant cryptocurrency


Think about: What will be the biggest advantage of a borderless, interconnecting, secure (open-source), and cencorship-resistant currency? Human right to equality!? Will be there a (socio-)economic benefit? The unbanked still have nothing to eat without water, rural and work. But possibly micropayments establish to have an income opportunity, if the unbanked have access to the internet?! But who pays for the internet in these countries? Does Nimiq still working on easy fair donantions? ‘Created to Reach Everybody’ could has more implications than just installation-free, browser-based, internet-available money. Finally, to be connected to the financial system means, ‘to open doors’. We will see that it becomes possible to invest money to a fraction of real estate, companies etc. Possibly even the unbanked could be payed to be carbon-free? Human-right to get rewarded to live a sustainable life?! As a first step it is to overcome centralized systems. The second step, ‘the vision’, will be an attitude of how to use this new decentralized system. An important question is, ‘What happens when eight billion people have access to the Nimiq payment network?’. Is it just an option for people to exit? Possibly, Nimiq has not to define that (yet). It concentrates to build the best decentralized payment system. But for peoples attitude, let them imagine. But ‘easy money’ is no precious imagination at all.

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A connection to the global economy for everybody.


Why not „borderless money“ then?


Oh I really like that one, especially if combined with the idea by @Tobias .

Nimiq: Borderless Money
Created to reach everybody; Nimiq is a simple, secure, and censorship-resistant Cryptocurrency.

I’d maybe switch out “censorship-resistant” for “easy to use” since any good Cryptocurrency should be censorship-resistant.


I actually like the current byline on the splash page: simple, secure, censorship resistant. I think pushing the fact that it is native to the web is still important as well. I would also expect any good crypto to be borderless - that’s kind of the point - but never hurts to reinforce that feature I suppose.


I like the borderless money idea.
I was one of many who opted against easy money for the reason MrSmiley pointed out. Im not native english speaker and my first impression is rather negative, since money is never easy (if it’s too good to be true, its usually a scam).
Someone on discord suggested adding a dot that adjusts the perspective:
Money, Easy.


I tried the line with ‘borderless’ as well - that is why I wrote it in the text, the idea of it is just to important. The word itself is a little bulky, especially compared to ‘esay’ or ‘new’. Maybe ‘Better Money’ could work as best compromise.

The question is what people should keep in mind?! The word and association to Doge is easy and funny. But once Nimiq did a poll and they have their expressions how the Nimiq person should look like (helping & caring, trustworthy & transparent, conscientious & driven). So you can’t be funny like e.g. ‘Monkey Money’. I am also not sure if ‘money’ really could be used, isn’t it protected?! Another deliberation of ‘…to reach everybody’ make me think that it could interpreted negative as well. ‘We reach everybody!’ seems like a threat - especially to people who want to use a currency as tool of freedom.

Nimiq - Making Things Easier; Nimiq - Money’s New Way


I like:

Easy. Money.

Still has the effect of ‘easy money’ but also captures Nimiq’s ease of use, and money as separate ideas.


Hey guys, great to see you all so involved in this! Love the passion. So let me go through the ideas and provide some opinions and thoughts, as a lot of the suggested versions were on the table at some point (we did, in fact, think a lot about this, incl. native speakers).

Better Money
This is a valid option as Nimiq strives to actually be better not only in terms of censorship-resistance, accessibility, security + we have this immutable commitment to support and fund charity projects. The problem is that it’s just so very subjective and even a bit cooky. Telling users that we’re better, without instantly providing hard proof is something that just does not fit our brand values.

Easy Payment
This is misleading, as Nimiq is and increasingly wants to be more than ‘just’ a payment system.

Digital Money, Easy Payments
Both claims can be made for a lot of services, e.g. PayPal, that are digital and able to process payments with ease – is nothing special. Even my German online banking could have this claim. Additionally, these are two messages and thus not matching our concept of simplicity.

Borderless Money
This can be said for any crypto and although my Euros have to be processed in an inefficient and expensive way, I can still send them over borders. Although this can be a strong argument for people in less stable fiscal/political systems it is nothing special and at the same time unfitting for a big chunk of the current target audience.

“Money being the most serious thing in the world”
Not sure I agree here. If you look at services that are successfully disrupting finance it’s for example stuff like this: or this or pretty much any crypto where seriousness is often not exactly at the core of things.
We don’t see a reason why money can’t be something nice and enjoyable while being reliable at the same time. The save choice here would be blue as the background color and instantly getting rid of the Identicons.

Hard Money. Easy.
This is a very complicated line. Like I wrote before, it requires in-depth knowledge and falls short to work for laymen users. You write "for non-educated users it simply means “Crypto is difficult” – this is the opposite of what we try to express.

Money made easy
I like this as it flows nicely and, well, is close to the current one. The question is, was money hard before? Is this a relatable problem/issue that people have and that they want to see solved. “Crypto made easy” might work better. “Easy Crypto” was our favorite for some time but we opted for “Easy Money” as we want to express our aspiration to compete with any form of currency and not just cryptos.

New Money
Very unspecific but a valid option in my eyes none the less. Although the “NIM - New Internet Money” would probably be the way to go then.

Created to reach everybody
Same goes for Bitcoin, Microsoft, bubble gum and tooth pics…

Easy. Money.
Something that I personally like. Julian, our designer, vetos it as he thinks it’s too affected for Nimiq’s brand. We might be able to pursue him though.

I’ll try to drop by more often and reply faster, at the same time I honestly can’t promise you guys that this discussion will end in a change of the headline after all. There was a bunch of discussion around it internally and so far we are happy with it. The logo was a bold decision and an unpopular choice in the beginning too but we feel that the community really embraced it in the end. What I can promise you is that we’ll do some user-testing on it.


Some responses, take them or leave them (I suspect they likely be left the pleas seem to be falling on deaf ears - kind ears, but deaf all the same).

Hard Money. Easy.
This is a very complicated line. Like I wrote before, it requires in-depth knowledge and falls short to work for laymen users. You write "for non-educated users it simply means “Crypto is difficult” – this is the opposite of what we try to express.

I recognize you feel this requires in depth knowledge but I disagree for the reasons I already stated. Also, the point of the “Easy” bit at the end is to say that Nimiq is not your typical difficult Crypto. So, in fact, is perfectly in line with what you are trying to express and quite understandable. Give your prospective users some credit!

Which brings up my other point. Who do you think will be using Nimiq? Its first users, the ones that will in essence put Nimiq on the crypto map, will understand the concept quite well. Those are the users we should be targeting this early, in my opinion.

I was going to respond to the other criticisms but I am getting the hint that your plan is to go with Easy Money (or Easy. Money.) and this is unlikely to change. I’ll just restate: this is a mistake.


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@Tammo: Thank you for your answers. I guess you know such conversations:

“Hey!!” “Hello friend!” “Do you know Nimiq?!” “No, what is this???” “It’s easy money!” “Easy money?!” “Yes, easy money… It is a simple, secure and censorship-resistant cryptocurrency!” “Simple!? Censorship-resistant? No, I don’t use crypto. I prefer real money!”

“Well, it is real money! It is very easy to use. Worldwide. Look, it is browser based! Anybody in the world can open a browser, so everybody can open a Nimiq account in just a few seconds. Merchants have additionally a very simple to use fiat-gateway. Do you get it!? Nimiq connects not only the global business world in an easy way, it is an instant peer-to-peer exchange of money! Like cash - in the internet. Securely, open-source and censorship-resistant.”

Your statement “Same goes for Bitcoin, Microsoft, bubble gum and tooth pics…” made me think about Nimiq’s main selling point again. Do your current headline convey Nimiq’s main selling point and full potential? Do you think that people could really differentiate between Nimiq and other crypto projects (Dash - Digital Cash. Simple, secure and censorship-restiant cryptocurrency. Verge - Privacy is our standard. Simple, secure and censorship-restiant cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Cash - Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash. Simple, secure and censorship-restiant cryptocurrency. Nimiq - Easy Money. Simple, secure and censorship-restiant cryptocurrency.)

I think, Nimiq’s headline should focus on content, not design. Start with:

Nimiq is easy-to-use money, because it is browser-based, offers instant payments and fee-less swaps to home currencies. It is better money, because it is censorship-resistant, open-source, technically secure and available for everybody. And as it is available to everyone via the internet, Nimiq is the best solution for our new digital global business world and peer-to-peer currency exchange.

So, Nimiq’s selling point was/is its internet-based nature, but its potential goes wide beyond being just only the money of the internet, as even though FB is a social network provider, but social networks are about friends, get to know someone, be informed about events. It is used for personal human socializing. The users feel complete by it. The Internet is about exchanging information, learning, socializing, connectivity, storing knowledge and data etc. And now basis of storing and exchanging value.

Nimiq’s headline should catch the big idea - and transport the message that users will find the missing mosaic to feel complete again.

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It will not fit your design of simplicity, but this is Nimiq’s content from my point of view:

Key to Open Money

Simple-to-use, secure and censorship-resistant cryptocurrency.

Availability in seconds via standard internet browser.

Free and easy terminal integration. Instant payments.

Enabling feeless swaps to your currency of choice.


I like the summary, especially the first two points! I think it’d be better as bullet points rather than as a Header with Sub-headers as you have it now, and you could add some more points since you seem to have a good grasp on what Nimiq’s about :slight_smile: !

The last two are a bit confusing, and “Enabling feeless swaps” seems like an over promise since many services take a fee on coin swaps and Nimiq can’t guarantee they wont.


You really should consider “NIM - New Internet Money” as being the slogan of the brand. Even changing the name Nimiq to simply NIM. That is very simple to explain and is on bar with Bitcoin when branding is considered. Just my two cents.


Does this line feel nimiq!?