Nimoji - Project Proposal

Project Description

In early days of Nimiq, when the community was smaller and we passed most of our day on
telegram texting each other, I found out that the most important element which got lost
while texting was our emotion for Nimiq. So I decided to design some Nimiq emoji, in order
to add emotion to our chats. I’m very glad to see that the community liked them, and is still
using them. These little yellow funny faces let us show our feelings and avoid any miscommunication while texting. I’d like to call them NIMOJI (Nimiq Emoji)
As you know every year Unicode Consortium considers new emoji, and companies like
Apple and Samsung, continue updating their long list of emoji. Experts believe as the world
becomes more and more digital and globalized, emoji will become the international language
of communication –a lingua franca for the digital era. I think Nimiq is a great project and it
worth having its own branded emoji.
So, I am proposing to design a whole new set of NIMOJI, and reviewing the previous ones
for the coming world emoji day, 17 July 2019.

Project Team

Sina: UX Designer (Telegram: @Snrnb)

Detailed Project Plan

The plan is to publish a new set of Nimoji by the WORLD EMOJI DAY, 17 July 2019.

Full Proposal


I would like to propose for the following new nimojis to be included in the project please:

  1. MechaRichy (see
  2. Nimiq coder
  3. Nimiq miner
  4. Nimiq trader
  5. Nimiq baby
  6. Nimiq babes
  7. Nimiq doge
  8. Nimiq lambo
  9. Nimiq chef
  10. Nimiq hipster

Additionally it would be good to conduct a review of existing nimojis on Nimiq team members.

Finally it would be great if the high-quality assets used to create the nimojis are hosted online under a permissive license (creative commons?), and we are allowed to use them as derivative logos in other projects. Of course we will still keep the 500 NIM fee for sales of physical goods using the nimojis at


thank you for your nice suggestions

@porkachu, yes @Sina is also planning a review of the current Nimojis :slight_smile: