About Nimiq Community Funding Board

Sponsored by Nimiq Foundation to support and increase Community interaction. Formed by members of Team Nimiq and the Community, the Board analyze community proposals, reward valuable users and search new ways to increase engagement.

About the Community Funding Board

  • Members: Six members: Three from the Team Nimiq & three Community Representatives.
  • Elections: Members are elected every 6 months through a voting system with the Nimiq Community.
  • Incentive: All Board members are volunteers and support the Funding Board out of pure love for the project.
  • Meetings The Board meets every month and discusses Proposals.
  • Decision Framework: Project funding proposals are voten upon, simple majority of more than 50% of the Board decides the outcome of a proposal.
  • Outcomes: The outcome of proposal can be:
    • Accepted: Funding is approved in the way detailed in the proposal.
    • Rejected: Funding is not approved.
    • Requested Modification: The board requests small changes/suggestions/answers before accepting the proposal.

How to send a proposal

Current Board Members

Community Representatives

Team Nimiq Representatives

Official communication channels

Project Proposals Sections

Users can send their proposals to the Proposals Category of the Forum. Board members will discuss it in the next meeting and reply with an outcome.

Community Funding Blog Posts

All meetings are summarized in a blog post published on the official Nimiq Website.


Project Status Description
Nimiq Funding Platform Under Review Nimiq-powered platform for funding
NimPAY Approved Nimiq Point of Sale System
PayNIM Partially Approved Nimiq payment service for email address or Telegram
Nimoji Partially Approved Nimiq Emojis Sticker Pack made by community designer
ShortNim Approved URL Shortner that works with Nimiq
Nimiq Wallet Manager Approved Self hosted Nimiq wallet
NimiqX Partially Approved API and various informative services
Nimiq Lightning Network Framework Partially Approved Nimiq Lightning Network Compatibility Research
Nimiq China Partially Approved Website dedicated to create awareness in the chinese community

Finalized Projects

Project Status Description
TrustWallet Completed Nimiq-TrustWallet integration
GetNIM Completed Application to give NIM for tasks
Nimiq GPU Mining Completed SushiPool’s GPU development made open source
Nimex Completed Decentralized exchange for Nimiq and Ethereum

Inactive Projects

Project Status Description
PoW-Captcha Under Review PoW system based on Nimiq
NimLotto Under Review Telegram Bot for a NIM Lottery
Nimiq ATM Under Review Implement an ATM that supports NIM

Meetings Logs