PayNIM - Project Proposal


Project Description

PayNim is a service which provides convenient, anonymous and safe
way to send and receive Nimiq cryptocurrency (NIM) using email address
or Telegram.
Via PayNim you can send Nimiq cryptocurrency to people completely
new to crypto world. For example, you can tip your pizza deliverer with
cryptocurrency by sending NIM to his email address. All this became
possible due to Nimiq browser-based blockchain which allows to create
address and send cryptocurrency using web browser.
Transactions via PayNim have better anonymity than peer-to-peer
transactions. PayNim transactions go through PayNim operation address
where the trail from sender to recipient ends.
Unlike crypto wallets and exchanges PayNim doesn’t store assets
or secret keys on his side. We send all NIM directly to recipient Nimiq
address and if they don’t have one yet — we involve them to create one.
So users are 100% owners of their assets.

Project Team Members

  • Homeboy

Full Proposal

Nimiq Community Funding Board