[POLL] How did you find out about Nimiq?


Hello everyone, the question is in the title.
So how/when/why did you end up here? I think it could be very interesting to hear about it and maybe get some ideas to expand the community.
“Story time” is hugely encouraged. :grinning:

  • Press article
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Reddit
  • Youtube
  • Forum/Imageboard
  • Telegram/Discord
  • Meetup/Convention
  • By word of mouth
  • Other

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Found out about Nimiq by this Hackernews thread

At the time I was also doing research into blockchain and the concepts/use cases (like crypto) around it. So thought this combined with my background as web developer would be a perfect practical match.


/biz/ a hidden gem. One of the most recommend investments from the drunk anon


I started to get interested in Cryptocurrency around June 2017, looked at some projects and I think stumbled across a post on /r/cryptocurrency. not entirely sure anymore…
after that I kinda stuck with Nimiq

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Cointelegraph article before ICO in 2017. Seems this one - https://cointelegraph.com/press-releases/nimiq-a-blockchain-ecosystem-so-simple-your-mom-will-use-it


Well I guess I must tell my story too now :thinking:
I first heard about Nimiq in June 2017 on the crypto board of a website famous for its frogs (among other less glorious things), totally by accident. I read the OP, just googled “nimiq” and clicked on the first result (nimiq.com).

At that time Nimiq was still in betanet but it was already super cool:

You could run a node, mine, use your wallet and even send money through a link and all of that without installing anything.

Before that I was only familiar with the super stark and clunky experience of Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets so having something so easy was a mindblown, to see a blockchain run like that into my browser while being decentralized, it wasn’t just some buzzwords and sales pitches that you saw in so many other alt projects, just something that worked.
I could definitely see everyday people using it (in contrast to Bitcoin which was only something for people already very comfortable with computers).

I then slowly began to be more involved in the community, trying to spread the word as much as I could and two years later here I am :grin:.


I remember the “so simple your mom will use it”, was quite catchy :thinking:


Participated on the ICO, cannot remember why but it must have been some word on Telegram :slight_smile:


I found out about Nimiq by searching some discord cryptocurrency bots.
I saw a Nimiq-Tip Bot and I was like, “Hey, what’s Nimiq?”.
Then I went to the Nimiq Website and saw that you can use Nimiq in the browser and that you don’t have to download a blockchain.
So I created my wallet and now I’m here.

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The story will be quick.
I have been “recruited” on TG by Mister Nice. He tried to engage a conversation on a channel, got treated like a scammer, but I found it unfair so I contacted him.
Then I read a bit of the website…and I still do. Thinking of mining for Nimiq now… Damned. Got caught by NIM.

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Found out on Twitter, I’ve been following Nimiq community for quite some time but only recently discovered the forum. Live long and prosper, Good Folks!


@EinfachAlex told me about Nimiq a while ago and I couldn’t believe that I haven’t heard of it before. I was looking for such a cryptocurrency for a long time but somehow didn’t find Nimiq the whole time. But now I’m here and in love with Nimiq. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


crypto twitter! impress by how easy it is to get my first NIM, I am accumulating now.

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It was on Twitter through some follower who liked


I became aware of nimiq 2018 shortly before the switch from net to nim. I also remember the slogan “so simple your mom will use it”. The team, the videos, the coin, just the fresh and cool way of the entire project convinced me.


I got to know about nimiq on Trust wallet telegram group, I claimed 1 nimiq then proceeded to set up a gpu mining I’ve been mining nimiq since then


In Mart 2018. I tray find coin on CMC who has easy to mine …i watch so many,then i see nimiq web site and when i open i have been excited,fascinated …it nice look !
Second who impress me is easy to mine in web browser…i love it… and i stay till present,in the future…good job team !!!


I found out about Nimiq through googling as a byproduct of learning more about bitcoin. I started looking for sound money options and came across Nimiq- with a cap on how many will ever be issued and a known inflation rate via mining, it grabbed me. When I saw how simple it was to use, how quick it was, how easy it was to mine, I was hooked.


Heard about NIM through another discord server back in mid 2018. They were talking about new CPU mineable coins and Nim was one of them.

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I heard NIMIQ through a friend in mid 2018. He talked new coin mined by CPU namely NIM.

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