Suggest best exchanges to list Nimiq!

Hey, guys!

I have discussed with Richy and other community members about NIM listing on new exchanges. The team is open to discuss new listings and would like to hear the community’s opinion!

Let’s discuss what are the best exchanges to list Nimiq $NIM.

Please share your opinion and suggestion here!

P.S. Direct links, references and justifications are welcomed!


My point of view is pretty much the same since the beginning.
A listing on another exchange should be an upgrade to Kucoin (in short exchanges with a lot more real volume).
Listing on place with less volume than Kucoin makes no real sense and in a worst case scenario just dilutes the few liquidities we have.
Unless of course some exchange is really rising (good example being Binance in 2017) it’s not worth the money to sidegrade.


The listing discussion is an important topic raised several time by the community and it is great that the team has decided to listen the community. I don’t have any technical knowledge on the wallet setting in an exchange but I assume that the listing will be paid and I known that any update of the wallet after the fork is paid as well.
The Team Nimiq is developing Albatross at this moment and listing Nimiq in another exchange before the fork will imply more expensive… In my opinion will should wait after Albatross fork and for the exchange we could go first for Bittrex because it is an US based exchange or Huobi for their accessibility to the chinese market. And then list on Binance.

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Couldnt agree with u more. Lets wait after Albatross release. And we should choose between Huobi,bittrex or bithumb

Albatross is important, but Oasis is coming soon! At the moment there is only Kucoin for new users and waiting another 9-12 month for next listing is not the best idea!
The team can manage listing on exchange or exchanges what supports staking as well. So those exchanges will support Albatross in the very beginning!

Exchange suggested by NimiqRU TG community member @antikvarus35

Contacts regarding listing - [email protected]

Huobi is good for China market and spread to newbie.

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Other suggestions from community member @profi_mining:

Thanks for the suggestion!

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You can go for Binance where volume is good.

maybe on PROBIT, relative new exchange, maybe dont need such big amount coins pay for it… an there have so many new coins to exchange to NIM. Bitrex wil be nice too.

I second that a new listing should be an upgrade to kucoin. While it’s possible that it might dilute the volume, it also introduces arbitrage opportunity, which again increases volume. Overall I would see it as a net gain.

Although I’m not a fan of binance personally, but for the moment they are the Kings of volume. If it’s possible to get listed on reasonable terms why not. But as a proposal from my side, I’ll repeat my offer from this post: List of Exchanges and Informative Sites

Kraken as it has a great reputation. Recently I was surprised to find out that they offer direct staking from their exchange (Currently only tezos though). Granted that Nimiq has broad plans and a great team, possbile it might be an increased interest for Kraken team to get involved. Also would be a great starting place for nimiq 2.0


Location and jurisdictional diversity worth considering


I think as soon as the technology is mature, exchanges like Coinbase or Bittrex come naturally. Of course, the community should always generate attention, together we are strong. Before Nimiq is really listed on exchanges like something Binance, the technology should work flawlessly. Nimiq the most user-friendly coin will then generate a massive surge in mass adoption. When Oasis starts, people no longer need commercial exchanges, everything runs directly through their bank account. That’s exactly what matters, stock exchanges are simply too complex for most people and only a small number of people really understand them. Exciting times are waiting for the Nimiq community, really very exciting times. Who creates trends, it is always the youth. These are the early adapters and that’s exactly what we should focus on. As soon as the youth use a blockchain platform like Nimiq every day, the network effect becomes active. Friends tell their friends. We have to win the youth, so we also win the general population. A payment app alone is too boring, it takes fun and games. A whole new blockchain game would attract crowds. Just what it should look like, I haven’t quite figured it out yet. No casino game or card game. Exchanges only come as soon as enthusiastic users recommend Nimiq to their friends.


Binance and Oceanex. Binance for volume and Oceanex because I think it will explode soon

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I suggest the new exchange for Nimiq is one of those:

  1. Huobi
  2. Bittrex
  3. CoinEx
  4. Binance

No need to wait Albatross or Oasis launched.


“No need to wait Albatross or Oasis launched”; Why do you say so? Statements like this ought to be substantiated.

It’s just my opinion. Many members here suggested Nimiq is better listed on a new exchange after Albatross and/or Oasis launched.
To spread Nimiq in the world and to get mass adoption can be done any time.

Personal motivation why it’s better to find a new exchange after Albatross:
Albatross will be a hard-fork since it will switch to a new consensus algorithm. All the exchanges that have a NIM pair (so including the new ones if you plan to get listed somewhere ) need to transition as well. Exchanges can charge costs for this. Possible way to mitigate this is by asking beforehand what their policy is on this subject.

Personal motivation why it’s better to find a new exchange after OASIS:
how I see OASIS now, with all the information shared so far, is that OASIS will disrupt the exchanges as we all now them today. You go from handing over your assets to a third party with all the risks involved (hacks, exits, etc…) to a system where you never at any moment lose custody over your funds. Before we know OASIS’s true possibilities, I wonder whether it’s a good thing to invest in something that you basically want to disrupt.

On the other hand, current issue is that Nimiq is having a low liquidity. So from that perspective I think it’s mandatory since you widen the scope for people to interact with Nimiq. Also getting listed somewhere is promotion for that specific ecosystem.


Oasis is not going to disrupt exchanges, it is a bridge between crypto and FIAT, so exchanges potentially can be interested to use it in case of transferring FIAT to Crypto and Crypto to FIAT. So, personally I see Oasis as a driver to list Nimiq on new exchanges.

Another point is multi-tasking, the team should be able to move things forward in parallel before Oasis/Albatross are in production. We definitely should start negotiations and integrations with reputable exchanges now, just to be in time with Oasis/Albatross.

In my opinion, we need to complete a short-list of exchanges that fit to Nimiq requirements - reputable, supports stacking etc.