Suggest best exchanges to list Nimiq!

I have updated the list of suggested exchanges here - List of Exchanges and Informative Sites

Suggested by community member @SpacemanStu

It’s a tradeoff, IMHO. Let’s say listing fees for a coin come from the marketing budget (which is perfectly ok), but you can use that budget to do things like giveaways, contests, local meetups, etc. (aka guerrilla marketing), which could bring more people to use those exchanges that already list your coin and more liquidity, without paying for new exchange listings that could come later for free anyway when the coin has more volume.

CoinOne exchange, suggested by community member @maxc0001

Just a thought… Won’t a listing of the token in a major exchange make it more known and therefore boost the daily trade? Binance would be a great choice as it’s very popular.
If we don’t take this step forward, in my opinion, the coin will die slowly on kucoin. I saw Bitboy’s youtube video about nimiq having a 1000x potential. How can achieve that only on kucoin/hotbit with such low volumes?


Listing on Binance is expensive… I’ve heard from other projects it can very well go north of $1 million USD… And there is no guarantee that listing there will make price / volume go up.

I would love to have Nimiq on Nash exchange in the future. Its a pretty new exchange and they just launched BTC pairings. I trully believe Nash is a game changer for exchanges.

" With Nash, you control your funds at all times. Your private keys don’t come near our servers – they are encrypted on your computer. Our off-chain matching engine is itself a distributed system, adding extra protection for your peace of mind."

Plus they are planning to launch a Nash Pay product. Nimiq does not want to miss that for real. Please team take a look at this project and see for yourself how promising it is!

Please see


You can try for BITBNS or Hobbit exchange .
But at present if everything comes you way for Binance listing don’t wait . They are the best Currently for Volume and most active users for trading .
You can try for wazirx Exchange … it’s binanace sister company in India .

Bitmart Exchange is the best cryptocurrency exchange.It also supports fiat currencies, which features a competitive fee range for its trading services.

Team could submit a new coin request application through the URL above to try and get listed on Coinspot. Coinspot is Australia’s #1 crypto exchange/broker, would be decent publicity here.

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i’ve been using Citex these days and it work quite well: CITEX is a Global Cypto Asset Trading Platform which based on British Virgin Islands founded in October of 2018. CITEX exchange reportedly has thousands of users from more than 80 countries.

More info here

Here is the procedure to get listed.

Hi Everyone!

I want to document a suggestion by “Whyam Ihere” on Telegram. He said:

“CoinMetro while centralised, is a very user friendly interface and kind of the direction the exchanges need to head!”

I know CoinMetro had a ton of hype when it was being built, not sure how it’s travelling now but I’d wager it’s at least solid.

Nimiq’s main draw is it’s ease of use. For people new to crypto it can be quite intimidating opening up an exchange for the first time. As such, Nimiq should head to exchanges that are straightforward so that we don’t alienate newbies drawn to it’s ease of use. This means listing on exchanges with a good, clear, low skill-ceiling interface as well as straight-forward fiat on-ramps. Coinbase best fits this bill.

Any new exchange should be an upgrade from Kucoin in terms of visibility, real volume, liquidity and user base size otherwise it is kind of a pointless addition.

So I suggest either one of these (they all have fiat onramps);

  • Kraken
  • Coinbase Pro
  • OkEx
  • Binance (expensive, they love to to take advantage of their market position)

Once nimiq is on either one of these and can show that it has volume (need at least one professional market maker!) it should be much easier to get added on other large exchanges

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Here are my suggestions to expand to Philippine audience (and ASEAN population):

I think kraken and Bittrex are good for nimiq.

I’d like to see NIM support on I’ve even been able to exchange as low as $2 on their platform, with very low fees. …and, did I mention it’s fast :grin:

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I would love to see NIM on liquid for starter they store all assets in cold storage until withdrawal making them one of the most secure exchanges in my opinion. I have used the exchange in the past to purchase tokenpay, even though I no longer support that project I did have a great experience with liquid. Very similar to Kucoin with awesome support and quick withdraw times. I believe they are located in Japan and have a large Asian market. They are in the process of rolling out a USA version of liquid exchange. They also already have mobile app for iPhone and android.