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My name (here) is Bittiriko. It’s a fake name because I work “exclusively” for another crypto coin as developer (mostly c++, it’s a BTC code fork with some added new features) and I prefer to maintain my name hidden.

I’ve following Nimiq since the beginning and I’ve been accumulating some coin, at this moment 2M, It’s not really a lot, but I’m happy.

I can’t believe what is the problem with project, it’s on my opinion, one of the top 20 best coins out there (I think that i know what I saying) and it is on position 600 in CMC. It’s unbelievable. But i have invested some money here because I see good potential and it will have a great future, I hope so. :sweat_smile:

i have a couple of idea that improve Nimiq, I will write them down on the forum.

Well, Good luck and regards.


So just to make sure, by the time Albatross / 2.0 is on mainnet:

  • we’ll 100% have a JS library like what we currently have for 1.0. and while it’s fine if it’s mostly just compiled rust converted to WASM, imo it still needs to be just as featureful as the rust library
  • And 100% 2.0 will function fine within the browser and other lightweight environments like 1.0 currently does.

The devnet and testnet info is cool and I really appreciate the code snippet to start thinking about, but I want to be sure 2.0 won’t lose such important features like working in the browser and the JS API.

I’ve been looking forward to the release of the dev net for quite some time and can’t wait to start playing with it :star_struck:!

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Hey Pissent. Glad Nimiq is reaching all the way into the Philippines. I wish you luck with the financial service company you want to build using Nimiq. Feel free to post that project in the forum about it :v:

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Yes to both:

  • Nimiq 2.0 will have a JS library, i.e. Rust modules compiled to WASM with JS wrapping to make an ergonomic API - with all features.
  • Nimiq 2.0 will work in light-weight environments: We’re working on sync/consensus modes to make this possible.

Sorry, if I wasn’t clear enough on that. I just didn’t consider that you could think otherwise :smiley: Nimiq will always be browser-first. We just don’t have the JS bindings for core-rs and core-rs-albatross yet. It’s just not high priority right now, because atleast for Nimiq 1.0 we have a very stable JavaScript implementation. And core-rs (Nimiq 1.0) currently is meant to be used by people who would otherwise run NodeJs. But yeah, this will change in future.

I’m currently still working on making the Rust client API work. Unfortunately there is an issue I didn’t expect to be so hard to solve. I need to finish that first, then I’ll finish the client API and then finish the DevNet - atleast that’s the plan. Could be any other day, but I can’t give an estimate, because I don’t know how long the current problem will take to solve.

PS: If anyone knows how to do safe lifetime checking at runtime in Rust, please help me! :smiley:

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Nice to see you around @damaged-coda, make sure you join our coders dojo to get more inside about Nimiq 2.0 technical progress

If anyone knows how to do safe lifetime checking at runtime in Rust, please help me!

I’m curious, are you using reference counting?

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Isn’t that group for all Nimiq Ninjas, nothing specific to code? I still feel like we need a public coders chat that’s connected to coders-watercooler. Nimiq Dojo is going to grow much larger than Sushi Lounge ever was, so while technical questions may have worked in the lounge, I don’t think they’ll work for the dojo. If there’s a separate chat specifically for samurai (which I think there should be) then it’d make sense to ask technical questions there, but until you’ve made something and earned Samurai there needs to be a place to ask regular coding questions. Hence why I feel telegram needs a coders water-cooler.

We use reference counting (i.e. Arcs) a lot. But avoided it for the database as compile-time memory management is faster. But we came to the conclusion that using reference counting for only the database envrionment wouldn’t make much a difference. So I’m changing it to reference counting now.

We’re also using reference counting for quite a few other objects. I want to reduce that, because I believe most of them are really unnecessary, since many objects have the same life-time, i.e. that of the Consensus object. E.g. the Blockchain object would always life as long as Consensus, so Consensus can own the blockchain and we can use references from everywhere else. Those references are then contrained to the lifetime of the Consensus object. That’s one big advantage of Rust, that we can don’t have to use reference counting or garbage-collection :slight_smile:

But this became a little bit off-topic for this thread. What would you think about a thread about implementation details of core-rs and core-rs-albatross? I’m making the effort to visit this forum daily and answer questions, so we could also have discussions about the internals of the Nimiq client (specifically Rust, as I’m most familiar with out Rust clients) in a seperate thread.


I think a separate thread for this would be great and the information is amazing! The little bit of tech talk in this thread should help new joiners see how committed and knowledgeable the team + community they’re joining is.

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What would you think about a thread about implementation details of core-rs and core-rs-albatross?

That would be pretty cool! :+1:


I already opened the thread: Core & Albatross Implementation: What are we working on?


Any chance you could give us a hint which coin you’re working for? Or maybe what features you added to Bitcoin? I’m really curious :slight_smile:

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Hey there my name is Luke, and I’ve been following Nimiq since mid September 2019. I’ve made all my nim for free, getting tips from the community mining, and doing surveys from NimNow (thanks hextic). And I’m really excited by Nimiq 2.0 because I love staking coins, I’m currently trying to set up a faucet for Nimiq on discord but I’m having technical difficulties with the bot I’m using so I will either code a new one, or try and find a new one. Don’t expect anything anytime soon. I’m 14 and i got interested in crypto and blockchain back in early 2017, and I’ve made all of the crypto I own for free. I’m really excited to see where Nimiq is going to go, and I’m just in it for the ride :slight_smile:


Hey @Luketherock868 !

I hope you don’t mind me asking. It seems to me that many young programers start to code modding games, is that true for you as well, or did you jump head first into programming with Nimiq?

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Hi ! I’m Mathéo and i’m happy to become a new member of the Nimiq front-end team.
I’m a 23 years old French JS developer, living in Paris. I’m following Nimiq since the ICO, and i really think that it’s one of the best project out there. So i’ll do my best to help Nimiq to become the successful project it deserve to be.


Welcome, @Luketherock868! Great to have you in the community and congrats on starting coding from such a young age. Where and how did you hear about crypto and blockchain 2 years ago, and how did you come across Nimiq?


Hi Janosch

Sorry, mu life is a mess a this moment, I wanted to reply you but I have not had time until now, work->sick->work :sweat_smile:

I’ll reply on another thread, jut to maintain this one clean.

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Hello everyone, my name is ayman 20yo, from Morocco. I’m new at this community, I just learned about nimiq from reddit. I actually was never interested about cryptocurrency but after reading and researching about nimiq, I just saw something right about it. I just started learning how it works and how to mine, seems pretty hard but there is nothing that can’t be managed with a little bit of hard work and help from this awsome community, I hope i can be helpful somehow even though I’m just a beginner.
Also my NIM address for anyone interested: NQ28 11F9 VBEQ A0XG 4GHX RYB9 QA09 5U4H MJ81


Welcome to the team, Ayman! Glad to see you’re already mining. I also find it interesting that Nimiq got you into cryptocurrency, even before Bitcoin! This talks good about the team and how we’re presenting and working on things. Just sent you a tip!

Go ahead and ask questions. The community is here to help.


Thank you so much, i really appreciate it. And yeah I had a problem with the nimiq desktop and someone from the team i guess already looking at it.
Too much love to this community. :heart::heart::heart: