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Hey, I’m Timo aka Redexe. I’ve been following Nimiq since June 2017 and been active in the Community Management for quite some time now (but I’m not officially part of Team Nimiq). I also run the German community (NimiqDE) on Telegram and Twitter. If you have any questions just let me know.

Also my NIM address for anyone interested: NQ43 X105 6UE4 SECT P27T RHLM K150 PU9M U7AQ


Hey everyone, my name is Chugwig! I’m a long time follower of the project and I’ve even done some Nimiq related development (nim.drawpad.org) with more interesting projects currently being worked on.

If anyone has questions about Nimiq I’m always happy to answer them and I can also help people with developing applications that use Nimiq (especially if you already have an application and simply want to fit Nimiq into the equation).

If you see me around dont be shy, feel free to say hi and chat for a bit :blush:



Im Rob aka Rob (discord), Rob/xtreemex (Telegram), xtreemex99 (twitter).
Im following Nimiq since mainnet and I’m semi active around when I’m not at work.

Active miner since the mainnet launched (AMD) - you can PM me if you have issues/questions.
I like to ridicule things, but generally quite helpful :stuck_out_tongue:
Also I like to ask Richie when the Albatross live testnet will launch :smiley:


Hey I’m Richy and I’m part of Team Nimiq. I take care of community management and some general communication. I am from Costa Rica and I’ve been part of the crypto community for more than five years. You can reach me easily via Telegram , in case you have any questions or idea you want to share. Or just share it in our general group


Hey there! I’m Daniel from Costa Rica :costa_rica:. I work with Richy and Team Nimiq ⬣ helping out with :video_camera: creating content and community management. I’ve been in the crypto space for almost 4 years now and enjoy very much talking with people about it and teaching others about crypto, as well as learning from them and very smart people about the tech behind cryptos and new use cases that arise.

I’m an admin for a Telegram Bitcoin group in Costa Rica, as well as for the Nimiq Telegram chat. Glad to be part of this great community.



Hey everyone. I’m damaged-coda, full stack JS dev. I’m following Nimiq since 2017. I’m excited about Nimiq 2.0, so I decided to become more active in the community and help with building services in nimiq ecosystem.


Hi there! I’m Zak. Honestly, I’ve forgotten how exactly I came across Nimiq originally. Still, I remember being very impressed with the team’s experience and the idea of an easy to use, web-native blockchain just made perfect sense to me. I invested a few ETH into the ICO and have been an avid follower since.

I have a background in Sales, Digital Marketing (mostly Social Media), and a bit of IT Support. I’m also a pretty great copywriter and do a bit of voice-over work freelance. If any of the team or those of you building kickass apps need any help with marketing, copywriting, or voice-over stuff, don’t hesitate to ask!


Welcome @damaged-coda. Glad to see more devs joining in the community. Are you actively building or have built services using Nimiq? If so, please share them here so you can be a part of the Nimiq Samurai group and get access to the Nimiq Coders chat to talk on a more technical level with the team.


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Greetings Zak! :wave: Glad to have you on board. We’re glad to have long time followers of Nimiq here, especially bear market survivors! Hopefully someone here will get to use your wide skill set. Welcome to the Nimiq Ninja group :handshake:

Have a good one!

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Hello I am Patrick aka Pissent. I am living in the Philippines but I am originated from West Africa. I am investing in Nimiq but I am more fascinated by the technology and the team behind it. I have no coding skills however, I am planning to build a financial service on the top of Nimiq which aims of financial integration of the actors of agribusiness in my country. I am following Nimiq since the Ico in 2017. I will be here for long.


Hello! My name is Joseph or username: Hextic/Hexticx#4777(on discord) I have been following the development of Nimiq since December 2017. I expected great things from the team and they surely delivered. I know a bit of code but I’m not great.

As for the project that I currently run: NimNow.com
now with over 300 members and over 70k NIM payed out.
It is a simple website in which you can easily earn NIM through offer walls.

If you have any questions about me or my project please don’t hesitate to ask. :grinning:


Welcome Hextic, even it’s a little bit late to say hi since NimNow has been running for a long time.


Hi, my name is Janosch and I’m a member of Team Nimiq. I’m working on core, specifically on Albatross and Nimiq 2.0.

To be honest, when I first looked at Nimiq, I thought it was yet another altcoin (back then there was a new altcoin every day). But I was quickly proven wrong by the amazing UX and the cryptography behind it. That’s when I started playing with their code, implementing missing parts and sending in pull requests. And well a few months later they invited me to code full time with them.

If you have any questions about what’s going on behind the UI, don’t hesitate to ask me. I’d really love to get more information out there on not only what we’re doing, but also much more on how we’re doing it.

As an example I would like to show the community what’s going on in the code for Albatross. We have about 50k lines of code and a lot of interesting stuff is happening there. I’d also like to put some small self-contained coding sessions on YouTube. Although I’m not sure if there would be any interest in watching me code Rust :wink:

Right at this moment I’m working on creating a client API for core-rs that is very similar to the one in core-js. It’s only for core-rs-albatross right now, but can be backported to core-rs easily. So, maybe a video of how to use the Rust client API then? Let me know what you guys think about it.

By the way, we split our core-rs repo into the Nimiq 1.0 core-rs (which was always there on the master branch) and core-rs-albatross (which contains only Albatross-specific branches, issues, etc.) We’re also going to use the GitHub project to manage our issues and pull requests from now on. We’ve been using an internal Gitlab in the past for this, but we want you guys to see what we’re doing. You can expect to have a lot of stuff going on there now - more than just commits on master. So I’d really love to see some of you come by and maybe leave a comment with your opinion on the issues there. And of course, if you want to contribute even more, don’t hesitate to open your own issues or pull requests. I know, opening pull requests can be intimidating, but it’s not that bad and pretty rewarding once your changes get merged :slight_smile:

Happy hacking! - Janosch


I would love seen the video of how to use the Rust client API, even if it’s only for albatross would be pretty awesome to see what you are doing and what we can expect and start thinking on new ideas and projects ;D

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Nice to hear. I just talked to Richy and we’ll probably first make a video showing how to contribute code by submitting pull requests. So the first one will focus less on code and more on everything around needed to get code merged.

The client API will probably not take very much longer, since it just calls into stuff that already exists, but wasn’t very ergonomic. Since I also documented the client API pretty well, you could then already start using it. I’d still like to make videos about it though. I actually have a side-project[1] that uses the Albatross client as library, which “inspired” me to make the API more ergonomic. This project would be a good show-case for the API. I could imagine writing it from scratch as a kind of tutorial.

There is a caveat though: There is no public Albatross network right now and the client isn’t stable. That means you need to run your own network[2] and things will break after a few thousand blocks. But, on the other hand, I have the feeling that we’re pretty close to having the Devnet stable enough to not break (Elion is literally asking for this every few hours :smiley:). But you’ll see the announcements then.

[1] Albatross Explorer - doesn’t use the client API yet
[2] Maybe I will include some info about how to run your own Albatross Devnet in the video, but it might be too much - although we have good tools and it’s just one command.


Will we be getting a client API as well as the underlying APIs in both Rust and Javascript for Albatross Testnet? And if not for Testnet, will we have them for 2.0 mainnet?

I’m Deniz. I live in Turkey. I’ve been following Nimiq since december 2018. I have been trying to introduce Nimiq to Turkish users since March 2019.


FIrst to make things clear: There will be a DevNet first, that is semi-public. We actually have it running already, but need to still fix some things, so stay tuned. But the DevNet might be restarted at any point, so it’s only for people, who can live with that. I might finish the core-rs client API in a similar time-frame, so that you have an easy interface to play with the DevNet in Rust. It’ll basically look like this:

use nimiq_lib::ClientConfig;

fn main() {
    let client = ClientConfig::builder()
        .ws("mercury.devnet", None)
        .unwrap_or_else(|e| panic!("Something went wrong: {}", e);

    let consensus = client.consensus();
    println!("We're at: #{}", consensus.blockchain.block_number());

The TestNet will come later, once we can be really sure that the network runs stable, in the sense that it won’t stop because of a bug in the validator code.

So you’ll get the Rust client API, which is just a wrapper for the underlying stuff - which you can still access. You can even use only the underlying APIs wihtout this nimiq_lib crate and build something with it. Our code is split up in many modules, so just pick what you want. But the APIs that are behind the client API, won’t have good documentation (if at all), and won’t be as ergonimic to use.

For JavaScript: We’re not writing Albatross in Javascript. As you might know, we’re also transitioning Nimiq 1.0 to Rust. There is a working Rust node, and we plan on exporting parts of it to WebAssembly, which would then replace parts of core-js.
But for Albatross we will write all of the core in Rust, compile it to WebAssembly and then possibly wrap it into some small JavaScript layer, to make it easy to use. So there will be an Javascript client API for Albatross at some point, but not for the DevNet.

At this stage of Albatross is also doesn’t make sense to run it in a browser, since it only supports full sync. And to sync a node right now is almost impossible, as blocks are created in sub-second intervals. Basically the full-sync can’t keep up. But, we already have a solution to this problem that Pascal is implementing right now. Obviously, we will finish this before opening up the DevNet. But it will still be resource-intensive, so nothing in-browser for now. For much later (probably for the TestNet) we will have another sync mode using zero-knowledge proofs, which would then allow a browser to sync up quickly. Pascal is also looking into that.