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About Nimiq Community Funding Board

Sponsored by Nimiq Foundation to support and increase Community interaction. Formed by members of Team Nimiq and the Community, the Board analyze community proposals, reward valuable users and search new ways to increase…

3 August 6, 2020
How to apply for Project Funding

If you have an interesting idea for a Nimiq project and you need some help to get started you can send a proposals. Nimiq Funding can help you with: UI/UX feedback, Security Audits, Tech Mentorship, Initial Funding. Foll…

3 August 6, 2020
Project Proposal Template

Below you can find a suggested template for a project proposal. You can find a real proposal as example here. Project Description: Include a detailed explanation of what is the goal of the project. Describe its audienc…

3 August 6, 2020
Valuable Community Member Awards

Every month the Community Funding Board meets and select active, valuable and helpful users from the Nimiq Community to reward them. We call this the Nimions of the Month award. Hall Of Fame 2020 May User Reward (NI…

3 August 6, 2020
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